Direct and efficient

core drilling and sampling.

Operations in the wild.

With attitude that will generate value to our customers.

Comadev Ltd is known in its field for trustworthiness and efficiency. We want to separate ourselves from the others with our smooth way of getting things done. All of our operations are based on responsiveness and preparedness, which will guarantee predictable results.

Comadev in cooperation with Rupert Finland Ikkari gold discovery. Watch the video from here.

Geopard S 

Georover at worksite by comadev

Environmentally friendly

Our operations are usually located in different worksites within changing nature terrains. We do our best to minimize the effects of our operations to the environment. In practice, we do regular maintenance and development to our machines.

Georover frontview by comadev


The core of our operations is efficiency, which derives from our approach on getting things done smoothly. Our competitive advantages are in our efficient processes that deliver results.

Comadev core drilling equipment.


Comadev is a safe partner for both to our partners and to our employees. Safety is the result of many things done correctly. Our employees have ergonomic equipment and are provided with extensive training.

Geopard U

geopard concept art


Remotely-controlled drilling unit combined with flexible operating enable safety in all situations. 

Geopard georover

Fast and compact

Agile Geopard U1 is a fast unit to deploy and to locate between the samplings. Compact size and flexible drilling angles enable efficiency in drilling, even in challenging locations.

geopard georover


Designed for underground operations and especially optimizing the stage of the production.