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Core drilling
in the wild.

In the wild.

Opportunities in the core drilling field.

Comadev was founded on the principle that successful drilling is based on happy employees. We have grown into a bigger company, and this is mainly due to our skilled workforce. Our belief is that the most important part of the drilling unit is the people.

Comadev recruitment brand

Core drilling operator

We do all kinds of work in the core drilling industry, and most of the work assignments are with operating and maintaining the machines.
We are constantly looking for experienced workers to join our team.
Asiakkana meillä on useat eri kaivosalan toimijat, joille tuotamme kairasydännäytteitä eri puolilta Suomea.
This work demands flexibility to move according to the different worksites.  

Why Comadev?

Comadev is great match for you, if you have some previous experience in the core drilling field and that you value the smoothness and effectiveness of operations. We offer competent salary with modern day equipment.


If you are interested in Comadev as your next employer, contact or call +358 40 773 5064.